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Sometimes you're out driving around and come across an Open House sign... That's great! Here are 6 questions that can provide some great insight as to the sellers motivation and the condition of the home (Plus Bonus questions for a Strata Property ie. Townhouse or Condo)


Don't forget when you're visiting an open house to inform the Listing Agent the name of the Realtor that you're working with ‍♀️


1️⃣ When was the Roof, Plumbing, Electrical & Hot Water last done?  These are some big ticket maintenance items that you'll want to know the condition of.

2️⃣ Is there a Property Disclosure Statement available? This explains the history of the home to the best of the Sellers knowledge.

3️⃣ Have the Sellers purchased a new home already? If they have it will likely mean they're highly motivated to sell their home. Also, they may have a specific timeframe that they're are hoping to have their home sold by.

4️⃣ Do the Sellers have fixed dates in mind? If so, what are they and will they work with the dates that you have?

5️⃣ Have the had any offers on the property? If so, what happened? Did they get accepted and the conditions weren't met, or were they too far apart in negotiations? 

6️⃣ How long has the property been on the market? If it's a brand new listing in a hot market prepare yourself for a multiple offer situation. If the listing is stagnant you may want to ask why it has not sold yet if the market is hot. 


BONUS 2 Strata Property Questions


1️⃣ Is there a Depreciation Report? This is an independent 3rd party that evaluates the condition of the Common Property and Assets. This is a great tool for Strata’s to plan their budget around replacement and repair costs well into the future. 


2️⃣ Are there any Special Levies coming up? This is money paid by the Seller to cover any maintenance or upgrade cost for the Strata 


If you have any questions, please get in touch with me

Have any video requests? Send me a message

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Happy Holidays Everyone! Wishing you and your family all the best in 2018 and thank you for supporting my business. 


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Another year has come and gone! Did you know that the holidays is a great time to sell your home? Here are 4 great reasons why you should sell your home over the holiday season:


  1. Your Home is staged already - you've likely cleaned up your home and nicely decorated it for hosting family and friends over the holidays. 
  2. Motivated Buyers - this isn't a peak buying season and if buyers are taking time away from loved ones to shop for a home they're likely highly motivated. 
  3. Less Competition - the winter not being a peak market means there are less homes listed giving your home a greater shot to be bought with less competition in your neighborhood. 
  4. Emotional Buyers - this is an emotional time of year and buyers are picturing what it would be like to have their loved ones in your home to create memories. 


In addition, there is currently a surge of buyers that will be affected by the implementation of the Stress Test Mortgage changes starting January 1, 2018. 



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Hi Guys,


I've been working with a lot of First Time Buyers lately and wanted to put together a quick video on the steps invoved in buying your first home.


Have questions about Real Estate or the Buying & Selling process? Get in touch, I'd be happy to walk you though everything. 



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Open House this Saturday from 1 - 3 at 413-15168 33 Ave, South Surrey


Fall in love with your new top floor condo in South Surrey! This home is conveniently located in walking distance to stores & restaurants. This home provides the lifestyle for you! Take advantage of the Gym, Indoor Basketball Court, Pool, Hot Tub, BBQ area, Pool Table, Volley Ball Courts, Dog Wash & More.... For more information contact Zoe @ 604-943-8080


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Open House August 26 & 27 from 1130 - 1 at 413-15168 33 Ave, South Surrey

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Today marks a very exciting day in the RE/MAX world...





Sine 1978 RE/MAX has used the hot air balloon as their logo where it was first launched, as a promotion, in the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival. Since then, the evolution of the balloon over the years has become sleeker and more refined! Look for the  new RE/MAX logo coming soon around your neighbourhood. 

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As some of you may have seen through my Social Media, I have been supporting a heard of horses that are seeking refuge in Kamloops after they were forced to evactuare their home in 100 Mile House. We have purchased hay off the feild from a generous local farmer...



If you would like to help we've created a Go Fund Me account and 100% of the donations will be used to purchase supplies and help pay for labour costs. In addition, we are going to be selling Breedings to out Andalusian Stallion at a discounted rate with proceeds going directly to the cause. 





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Detached homes in Ladner have tapered back towards a balanced market with the average days on the market increasing by 18 days to 50 days on market and prices slightly increasing since May, however down by 6.4% since June 2016. The condo market remains strong with limited inventory and a slight increase in prices and days on the market. Townhouse sales have picekd up with an increase in pricing and reduced days on the market.


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Detacehd house sales slowed slightly in the month of June with the average days on the market changing from 35 days to 36 days and a slight increase in pricing. The condo market picked up with the average days on the market reducing by 23 days and the prices have increased slightly. The condo market is the hottest in Tsawwassen right now and is concidered a sellers market. There remains to be very limited townhouse inventroy available with only 10 active listings in the month of June. Prices remain strong while the average days on the market is a staggering 119 days. 



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When making the decison to Buy or Sell it can be overwhelming to choose who you're going to work with. It can be resolved with one simple question... Why choose anyone but #1? Choose a brand you trust that has a proven track record. 


RE/MAX has the most website hits

RE/MAX has the most brand recognition from Buyers & Sellers

RE/MAX has greatest number of Realtors Worldwide

Call me for ALL of your Real Estate Needs...

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Sales of Detached Homes in Tsawwassen have picked up in the month of May. There were more sales than the month before and the average days on market decreased 40% from April with prices rising slightly. The Townhouse and Condo market in Tsawwassen has had a low sales volume with average days on the market remaining strong. The benchmark pricing has continued to increase since last year. 


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In the month of May Ladner's housing market has picked up from the month before, however is still experiencing a lack of inventory. Detached home sale prices are slightly higher than April, but lower than May 2016. The average days on the market has reduced since last month with more sales. The Condo and Townhouse market in Ladner has increased benchmark pricing from last year, as wel as last month. 


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One of the great things about being a realtor is the opportunities to give back to the community. 


RE/MAX and its agents have continuously supported the Children’s Miracle Network and have raised millions of dollars over the years to help millions of sick children. All funds raised by agents are being donated to children’s hospital. 


Personally, I have pledged a portion of every deal that I do in my commitment to giveback! It makes each home sold not only gratifying for helping my clients, but knowing that I am able to help an amazing cause, as well! 




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